Sunglasses are essential fashion accessories styled with cool designs and they are comfortable under sun light. Our eyes are sensitive to the invisible UV rays (Ultra-Violet) and sunglasses must have a UV filter layer. Sunglasses with UV protection help to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays present in sunlight.

UV-light is associated to eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration, as a result it is important to buy high quality lenses. A fashionable design is a plus but lens quality is a must.

UV light is present also in the shadow and in cloudy days because this sort of light crosses clouds. They are present also in the shadow because they are reflected by surfaces such as that of sand and snow. The frequency of UV rays is higher than what our eyes can sense, because of this they are invisible, as a consequence, if you have bad or good lenses you will not notice any difference regarding UV protection. However you can bring your glasses to an eye doctor to check if the lenses do have the UV filter layer. It is important to buy from a reputable brand and make use of the UV classification system to know which grade of UV protection you need (this is similar to choosing a UV protection cream for your skin, looking into the protection grade of the sun cream).

For more information about eye diseases that can be associated to UV exposure you can consult for example this link.


Lenses for sunglasses with UV protection are classified according to the amount of visible light that they let pass. Ideal lenses block UV completely and visible light partially. The higher the number, the smaller the amount of light passing through.

The classification is as follows:

Sunglasses - UV lenses classification

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