Watches are essential accessories to any contemporary style. An elegant watch collection doesn’t need to be expensive if you follow a few rules. You can build your collection with just “3+1” timepieces that will fit to any situation. Three means “casual, sport and dress”, One means “something totally different”. Follow the 3+1 rule and you are set!

Start by finding the case diameter that better suits your wrist size, the watch should scale accordingly. If you have a large wrist, go for large cases, if you have a small wrist, go for small cases.


Measure the diameter of your wrist, divide this number by four. Look for a case of approximately that size. For example, if your wrist diameter is 120mm, a watch case around 30mm will probably be a good option for you. This rule is not that rigid, but it is a good idea to stay around it. In case of doubt, avoid going to a case that is disproportionally larger than your wrist size, specially for your dress and casual watches. For the choice of a sport watch you can try a little bit larger case.


A watch must look great for you, not to others, and align well with your lifestyle. Think on color combinations and materials matching. For instance, if you have leather elements in your other accessories, like a belts, shoes or bags, a leather band would match well. If you use metals, you can better match your style to a metallic (or metal-mesh) strap. When choosing color, think also on your dressing style, monotonic darker colors are easier to match to different clothes while a colorful piece will require clothes that harmonize with the colors of the watch.

Follow the 3+1 rule and you are set!

  • The casual,
  • The sports,
  • The dress,
  • The 4th timepiece.


A casual watch should be versatile and go well in any informal situations, such as going out with friends, a weekend escape and so on. It can also be your watch for office and daily usage.


Sports models range over an extensive field with many variations such as aviation, diving, field, racing etc. For a 3+1 collection we are not looking to such specific kinds of watches but to a resistant and elegant watch that you can use when you go hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a bike ride. Look for a high contrast between background color and time indicators combined with large numbers to be sure you can read it easily under sunny environments and while in movement. Here you have room to go to larger cases and wider straps.


As a dress watch think on elegance and simplicity. A minimal design on a thin case is a good choice. Thin cases are important for dress watches so that the watch will slide well under your dress cuff. This is specially useful for men that will use the watch with a suit.


As mentioned in the beginning, the 3+1 rule adds one watch to casual, sports and dress categories. This is the extra watch for occasions in which nothing else worked or in which you want to go out of the conventional. Look for something different from anything else but that still fits to your lifestyle so that you will feel comfortable using it.


To finish, we add a list of brands we work with. This is another point to look into, influential brands didn’t get this title for free, brands become influential after hard work, a history and continuous evolution.


Being a fashion designer was the dream of Calvin Klein since childhood. Born in New York and son of a successful business man he could pursue his dream career, first studying design and then launching his fashion house with an admirable talent to combine simplicity and refinement. Calvin Klein watches come in fine series that will add particularly beautiful pieces to your personal collection.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Bernard Gantmacher immigrated from Ukraine to US and soon became an employee of a sewing firm where he mastered suit making. In 1949 he started his own company with help of his sons, Marty and Elliot. The company that later became an influential fashion brand was called Gant, a short from their family name. They incorporated their shirt-making skills with quality and innovation. Nowadays Gant is a major fashion brand and GANT watches are characterized by classic elegance and a timeless design.


Originated in Beverly Hills about forty years ago, Guess proposes a fresh look for the young lifestyle. This brand became a must among fashionistas willing to develop a unique style, modern, harmonious and elegant. With strong origins in blue jeans design, Guess brings colors and contrast to its watch lines. 


Hugo Ferdinand Boss started his luxury fashion business during the difficult times of the 1940’s. His company was followed by his son-in-law that developed the brand Hugo Boss to be a perfect match to a masculine style that carries confidence and distinctiveness to modern business men. Our Hugo Boss watches selection brings elegant lines combined with rubber, leather or metal straps.


Michael Kors launched his first collection in the late 70’s however his interest for fashion design dates from his childhood. At the age of five he designed a marriage dress for his mother. The refined design of Michael Kors made of this brand a symbol of affordable luxury.


Timberland has its roots in New Hampshire and is specialized in the outdoor lifestyle for more than sixty years. This iconic brand offers a line of watches with a bold design typically combining stainless steel, leather and mineral glass with 5 atm water resistance in most models that provides outdoor style with reliability and durability.


Offers a line of functional classic design made off polished or gold plated stainless steel cases combined with a leather or steel strap. Son of a watch maker, Hilfiger started a small retail shop to commercialize jeans short after completing high school and became famous after having the opportunity to design a sportswear line in the 80’s. As a result his famous red-white label got increased worldwide reputation through fashion enthusiasts (the red-white logo comes from the navy flag signal for the letter “H”). Hilfiger watches are fashionable, classy and of high quality.



Buy only watches that really attract you, go for true love, not to impulsive buy. There is no hurry, take your time and build an amazing watch collection that will make you feel great in every occasion.

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